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IT Services Offices & Student Services Building Conversion

Washington & Lee University
Lexington, Virginia

The new Information Technology and Student Mail Services Building was originally a retail structure in the historic core of downtown Lexington. The renovations provide two stories of office space with student mail services located in the walk-out basement.

A guiding principle of the IT Services office design was to promote interaction and collaboration while providing private areas for focused work and meetings. The front of the building, at street level, houses a large conference room and lobby/cafe. Offices and support spaces on both floors generally flank the two party walls, with a generous central circulation/lounge space in the center. To provide natural light into the heart of the linear building, a new opening in the second floor was introduced with a large skylight above.

In addition to a total re-work of the plans, the renovations included all new fixtures and finishes, a new elevator, stair, and mechanical and electrical systems. Floor structure upgrades were also completed to meet code requirements.


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